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Section 8.1. The focus for the Government will be to achieve an economic environment to deliver and sustain a sound economy. The development of the nation’s wellbeing and happiness will be given preference over solely boosting General Domestic Product (GDP).

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Proposed Amendment to Section 8.1.

  • LouMCowan

    Focus of Economic policies should be wellbeing

    Section 8.1. Section 8.1. The primary focus of Economic and Financial policies shall be the wellbeing of all Citizens delivered within a mixed free enterprise economy incentivised by considerations of social and environmental benefit equally with private profit. These principles will be secured by way of appropriate Government Monetary Policy, Regulation and Taxation all administered to the highest possible ethical and moral standards.

      • David Scott

        Section 8.1. Consider deleting words like "primary focus" (unnnecessary verbage) and "mixed free enterprise" - these words personal, debatable, unnecessary and will "date". Delete "equally" as that is an impossible calculation. Delete "possible" : pursuit of excellence is not to be compromised

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Proposed Amendment to Section 8.1.

  • Arfem

    NEW ARTICLE 8 - Purpose

    Section 8.1. The economic and financial focus of government will be the commonweal of all Citizens. Parliament will determine monetary and economic policy to stimulate an ethical mixed free enterprise economy. This will be matched to Public Investment to make financially possible whatsoever is socially desirable and physically possible. Click to go to New 8.2.

      • Arfem

        Section 8.1. The whole of Article 8 is too detailed. So this is one of five Proposed Amendments all headlined NEW ARTICLE 8 and with active links to one another. Here at 8.1 we assert the principle that the people expect their Parliament to observe when organising the physical and human resources of the Nation, efficiently and for the benefit of all – not just the fortunate few. The other Sections give some more shape to these broad principles

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