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User Guidelines

To work this inter-active site and use your time effectively you need to know this stuff.

The simple protocol is that clicking any Article or Section Number moves to the next level of detail - and finally, in a new tab, to the interactive page dedicated exclusively to that Section. At any time use your back arrow of your browser to go back or forward within the tab.

The fixed content is at the top and the first interactive element is an opportunity to vote for or against the Original Model Section followed by space to publish Amendments to the Section. Each has a facility to publish any number of Comments below – but you have to register/sign in before these triggers appear.

The Comment areas are where the debates take place which in due course lead to someone proposing an Amendment to the Section. Every registered User has a single vote for and/or against any or all of the accumulating Amendments. These votes are automatically dated and counted and by clicking the Sort by button may be viewed as Most Voted, Oldest or Newest first.

At the end of the Consultation period the most popular options will be clearly ranked and thus provide a valuable element in a future Constitutional Convention.

Registration: To participate fully you will require to Register and have your email verified by a return link and this ensures that the voting process is meaningful and multiple voting is precluded. For help with registering click Guide at the top of the panel.

Comments are the debating platform for each Section – the building blocks of Amendments. They may include an internet web link provided it is directly relevant. NB. Comments are not displayed until you click this symbol  which will then display the relevant posts.

Please observe these conventions (otherwise your Comment will not publish.

  1. Comments & web links must relate directly & exclusively to the Constitution.
  2. Comments are limited to 100 words (600 characters).
  3. You may include a directly relevant external link or an internal link to a comment or amendment (but no links within an amendment) by hovering over its reference number e.g. 2020-09-21 19:33:51, copying the link which this generates  and pasting it  into your comment. 

Tip: Short snappy comments are the most often read. If you think you need more use a web link.

Tip: Click this symbolto open or collapse multiple comments.

Submitting an AMENDMENT: Proposed Amendments are the heart & soul of the Consultation and so deserve your serious attention. They are distinguished by their pink background.

Please observe these conventions (otherwise the voting system will not recognize your work).

  1. Build a debate by exchanging Comments before posting an Amendment. (otherwise the area gets cluttered with half-developed proposals)
  2. The Headline (max 6 words) is a required field and without it you cannot publish. (It is an ‘at a glance’ summary to stand out among others as proposed Amendments accumulate)..
  3. Your Amendment must be a replacement for the WHOLE Section. (It cannot exceed 75 words (450 characters – as do all the Model Sections)).
  4. Try to follow the style/format of the Original Wording. Strictly NO web links but references to other Sections are permitted.(Constitutions don’t have web links!)

Tip: Before proposing an Amendment scan the Headlines of existing proposals: also use both the Search-boxes near the top of the main CfS Constitution page. The first searches the Model Constitution and the second all the Comments and Amendments  – the subject may be covered in another Section...

Please ignore spelling or grammatical errors and avoid submitting a separate amendment which is only marginally different from the original Section or a pre-existing proposal because this will split the vote and result in both being down rated within the automatic vote count.

Tip: The narrative boxes may appears small, and although you can “stretch” them we strongly recommend drafting & editing offline and then pasting into the box. .

Flags: Below each post there is a flag. Use it to draw a Moderator’s attention to any inappropriate or irrelevant content for removal. Click the wee flag, it drops down then click again and it will turn red. All Users can do this once per post and the frequency is recorded. This is not a general blog so Users are requested to Flag items not meeting these conditions to be removed by Monitors. There is a separate tab with the Moderation Policy.

Voting: You can vote for or against every ‘Original Version’ and Proposed Amendment using the  symbols. You have only one vote per Section or Section Amendment but you can change it at any time by clicking the other symbol.

Finally, if you are convinced that an important matter of principle remains missing from the model Constitution and the published proposed amendments you may propose an entirely New Section observing the 6 word headline and 75 word content limit and address it to . Viable proposals for New Sections will be considered by the Trustees for adding to Article X of the Model Constitution with the same facilities for comment, amendment & voting. Again, before proposing an entirely new Section please scrutinise all existing Sections & amendments as you are will require to demonstrate why it cannot be dealt with by amendment to an existing Section or amendment.

Occasionally Sections may be superseded or combined and require deletion.. This is an editing function of the Administration at periodic reviews.

Thank you for reading this through – enjoy participating!