Constitution for Scotland Public Consultation Hub

Help for using the public consultation.

The site offers 2 levels of engagement:

A brief Summary of the Constitution with a single quick vote in favour of Scotland adopting a written Constitution of this nature: or a more comprehensive process which uses the Summary itself as an index of links which lead to progressively greater detail. This is where Comments, Amendments and Voting on individual Sections is accommodated. There are also Searchboxes to help reach your target interest quickly.

In both cases start at the Homepage and then tab to browse the Summary of the Model Constitution. Level 1  concludes by clicking Quick Vote and following the steps. Level 2 starts with clicking any Article number in the Summary > select & click any Section and go to its dedicated interactive page. Have a look at the action but before you dive in click the Guidelines tab – this will repay your time twenty times over and provide more Help than this page!

Finally, to secure the voting process and stop multiple voting you will be prompted to register. If you need help with this there is a guidance link at the top of the page. 

If you are still experiencing difficulty and provided you have registered and have read the Guidelines, you are entitled to use . This is manned by volunteers and is purely to assist you with navigating the website and using the online facilities. 

Visit the following pages for more help:

User Guidelines

Frequestly Asked Questions

Moderation Policy

Guidelines to submitting a Proposed Amendment or Comment