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Frequently Asked Questions

Use this page to resolve the common FAQs to the users of site.

What is the best way to view the model constitution and use the consultation site? View the model constitution on  From here there is a link at the beginning of each Section that you can follow to the consultation site. This consultaton site page will open in a new tab on your browser where you can read and make suggested amendments and comments. You can close this tab and return to the model constitution when you wish.

Can I use my email address for more than one registered user? 

No, each registered user must have a unique email address

I did not receive the email to confirm my registration.

These will often be mistakenly regarded as Spam and may go into your Spam or Junk folder, please check there. There is also a link on the login page to request that the email is re-sent to you.

I have forgotten my password, can you help?

Please choose the link 'Forgotten your password' on the login page.

Can I get notifications if someone replies to my posts?

Yes, when you are logged in, go to the My Account shortcut at the top right. Set your preferences there. There is also an option to hide a list of your contributions from public view.

What does 'Keep my list of activities public' mean in My Account?

If someone clicks on your Username in a comment you have made, they will see all the comments you have made if this box is ticked. If you would rather that this list was not available then untick this box. NOTE: the other option 'Keep the labels of the elements I follow public' is not relevant for the CFS-HUB and will have no effect if ticked or unticked.