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Section 8.2 The National Currency of Scotland is the Scots Pound, being Constitutional Money guaranteed by the State in accordance with the Constitution.

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Proposed Amendment to Section 8.2

Proposed Amendment to Section 8.2

Proposed Amendment to Section 8.2

  • LouMCowan

    National Currency

    Section 8.2 Section 8.2 There shall be a National Currency, issued, controlled and guaranteed by the State on behalf of the people. The name of the currency shall be determined by Parliament.

      • Arfem

        Section 8.2 The significance of omitting Sight Deposits
        This is the everyday money in our current accounts and 97% of all money in circulation. Nowadays it is a simple matter to tag this and leave an audit trail right back to the Central Bank. This will restrict money laundering, speculation against the new currency. The workings of banks become demystified, transparent and accountable to the citizens who guarantee the currency. That can surely never be wrong... Private banks Yes; privatised currency No! That is surely fundamental in any modern Constitution today.

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