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Section 2.7. All citizens have the right to freedom of religion or none, provided it is practised within Scots law. .

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Proposed Amendment to Section 2.7.

Proposed Amendment to Section 2.7.

  • BarneyMac

    Section 2.7. Section 2.7 - add at the beginning, "Scotland will have no established religion and..."

      • Admin/CfS6

        Section 2.7. Hi BarneyMac - Irrespective of the merits of this post it is a Comment NOT an Amendment. It does not follow the Guidelines for one or more reasons and cannot effectively qualify for voting and auto- ranking. Amendments must stand alone replacing the entire Section; start with the Section Number and a descriptive Headline. A sample of the correct format is at 15.11. Please Flag your post to request removal and please read the Guidelines before posting your replacement. Thank you.

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