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Section 4.1. Subject to the rights of the People, the supreme legislative power is entrusted to a unicameral Parliament.

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  • Avatar admin
    Administrator #1  •  2020-08-16 22:18:11

    Section 4.1. Subject to the rights of the People, the supreme legislative power is entrusted to a unicameral Parliament.

      • Caledonialan

        It is true that the current Scottish Parliament functions well, and that the pre-1707 parliament was also unicameral, but I believe consideration should be given to the possibility of a revising chamber in some form, to be constituted in such a way as to minimise the constraints of party politics and maximise the contribution of expertise and unbiased assessment of draft legislation - possibly only with the power to recommend changes.

          • worstludditeever

            Strong agreement with this. Even with elected members (elections held at different time points) would be better than no revising house.

              • Marilyn Sangster

                Sorry this is in the wrong place but I find it hard to locate both my comments. Anyway I referred to candidates for any local or national election to pay all their taxes in Scotland. I’m obviously far from knowing much about taxation conditions and law. However the sentiment I expressed was to prevent situations eg. the fact that Rees-Mogg’s company accounts show that I. The last 5 years the company made £103 million in profit yet paid zero tax to the UK since the company is registered I. The Caymen Islands. It is exactly this behaviour which I suggest should prevent anyone doing similar tax evading methods from having say in how the tax paid by people to the Scottish Government, is spent.

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          • kenny321

            Could be just like the House of Lords. There are a lot of experts of their field in there, but is it effective? Can the 'impartial Head of State' not have the power to recommend changes? Politics just now does cost a lot of money: Local Councillors, Regional Councillors, MPs, MSPs, MEPs (although no longer) staff. Mayors? The list goes on and where are these funded from?

              • Caledonialan

                Not "just" like, I think, because the House of Lords is riddled with cronyism. But it does also have a fair number of experienced men and women who can contribute usefully to rational debate. I think one condition for nomination and election would have to be independence from any political party, of at least a certain duration. There might also be seats reserved for certain broad fields of experience. As for elections, one possibility might be a sort of electoral college, whose ballot would not be secret and whose members would have to give reasons for their vote. I think it would also be a good idea for only a proportion of membership to be renewed every so many years - perhaps a third every two years?

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