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Section 2.11. All citizens have the right to free, quality healthcare at the point of need, subject to available resources.

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Proposed Amendment to 2.11.

Proposed Amendment to 2.11.

  • Jim Osborne

    Additional clauses are required to cover rights to (1) adequate housing (2) adequate food (quantity and quality sufficient to sustain well being) (3) dignity, security and personal care in old age. Education, health and these other rights should be grouped together in the ordering of the sub-paragraphs in this section

      • Admin/CfS6

        O.K. Jim, but as I said to you in 2.10 -this is a Comment and NOT an Amendment. Please take a moment to read the Guidelines (tab above). Then compose your complete amendment to replace the entire original - we can then all vote on that. You will also see in the Guidelines the simple procedure to submit a case for a New Section to be added. This may seem an irritation but believe me, it's really necessary to make it work!

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